Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's been almost a week witnessing an event unfolding before me in public.
I've been feeling a mix of schadenfreude, shame, curious, pity and revengeful. Most of the time it's schadenfreude, though.
Cant help it.

I need to work on this. Talk about relapse.


Hning said...

I strive in schadenfreude. Come on, why keep a good thing to yourself? Bring out the details, woman!

colson said...

This is tantalizing indeed. Especially since you write it is a public something .

Do us a favour. Reveal the source of your Schadenfreude (leedvermaak)? I would love to join the gloating.

triesti said...

@hning, @colson it is very public... it is very embarrassing..