Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nunun vs Nazar

“No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

They finally caught Nazaruddin in Colombia. The media said that Nazar came to Colombia using chartered jet from Washington. I assumed it was Washington DC.
My questions:
1. How could Nazar be in the USA if he was using his cousin's passport? His biometric is not the same as his cousin. The Border police should've caught him there.
2. How come he didnt apply for asylum somewhere? He could've done it as soon as he arrived in the USA or Colombia or the UK for that matter, because I think he will be dead not long after he arrives back in Indonesia if whatever he said he knew is the truth.
3. It was said that because Nazar was too 'talkative', they were able to trace him. I am sure that Nunun and her family communicate, it is just that they are not making it public as Nazar did. How come we cant tap in their communication line? Is it because her hubby former position & connection?
4. How come Nunun's husband has not been arrested for harboring a fugitive? She's been on interpol red list long before Nazar was put on that list.
5. How stupid Democrat party officials can be, seriously? They still havent fired Nazar from the parliament, so while he was on the run, he was still paid by the government for at least IDR 56 million per month.
6. How hypocrite PKS party official preaching about morality but still supporting Nunun's husband?


colson said...

To me these are a number of questions which are quite, no even absolutely right. I wonder whether the proper authorities, the investigative journalists and fellow politicians also will put them.

(Have you ever thought of journalism yourself?)

I'm terribly curious if any sensible answer will come in my lifetime.

Btw: Is Nazaruddin's life really in jeopardy ?

Multibrand said...

I remember that after 9/11, it is not easy to apply for US visa, especially if you have a Middle East name and face/photo.
Even if you pass that one, you will have few problems entering.
And to charter plane to fly that far would costs whole lots of money.

Why did he choose the tourist resort Cartagena? and not Medellin where he can buy protection from drugs cartel, and the Colombian government would be difficult to trace.

Re: Nunun
The question is whether or not the government really want to arrest her?

triesti said...

@colson it depends in what really happened, if what he said is the truth and he can back it up, then many heads will roll, or at least, have problem explaining themselves. Nazar has way too many enemies at this moment.

@harry, in the end Nazar asked for an asylum, but it was too late.
re: US, they finger printed everyone and cross check it with the passport. My hunch is the passport is using Nazar's biometric, but the name is his cousins.
re: Nunun that was what I am afraid of.