Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My Day

I'm not myself today.
Come to think of it, who am I? But that's not what I'm about to write at this moment.

This morning I wanted to take a taxi to the office, but couldnt find any, so I took a motorcycle taxi known as Ojek to the Busway stop. When the first bus arrived, people stampede to get in. I stayed and waited for the next one since I'm not feeling well, I need to sit down. I entertained the thought of asking to get on the bus at the special door, but since I dont look that sick they probably would refuse my request. Five minutes later I got my bus and I sat on the normal seat as oppose to the Priority seat and began to read. Priority seat is for pregnant women, people with kids and elderly.

The traffic was practically stood still at some areas.

After about half an hour, the conductor asked me to stand as there was this lady with a kid needed to sit. I was about to protest because two people in front of me were sitting on priority seats. Then I thought, "Fine, they are fasting." So, I stood. After fifteen minutes the lady & kid left and I got my seat back. I was reading again while thinking, "Dont miss your stop."

About five minute later I then took an empty bus and read again.

Before I knew it I noticed there were fence on each side of the road. "OMG, where am I?" I missed my stop and half way to the end station! There I was, supposed to be at the meeting in five minutes and there was no Ojek to be found until we reached the station. I called up the office to tell them where I was and lucky me, it seems like the meeting was cancelled. I got to the office about half an hour later and the guys were laughing.

All day while I was composing some emails I kept typing words that I wasnt thinking of typing. It's like my fingers had mind of their owns.

On the way back I took a bus again because there were traffic jams. The bus took a different road and it stuck. Not. Moving. At. All. For almost one hour and there was again no ojek to be found. In the mean time, both of my hands were tingling and throbbing, my nose was stuffed and it made half of my face in pain. I called up my friend who knows acupuncture asking which point do I need to press to lessen the pain and tingling. She told me to get some sweet warm drink. I told her I have some tea in my bag, but everyone is fasting. I was afraid that people get offended.

I looked for a warung and asked for a hot sweet tea, but it still didnt help. My friend told me to eat. So, I ended up doing something I've never done: eating at a warung. After feeling a bit stronger, I took an ojek home.

I still feel like crap. I hate it when upper respiratory infection and allergy comes together. I just hope all the coughing wont hurt my brain like it did with one of my aunties.


Multibrand said...

Last Monday and Tuesday mornings, the traffic was fine, because schools were closed.
But it was terrible in the afternoon because workers want to go home at almost the same time.

Since yesterday, the school were opened again and the traffic became 'normal' mornings and afternoons.

Re: public transportation

It is sad to hear your story.
Actually fasting is no reason for not giving a seat to some one who's sick.

I remember a blogger friend who tweeted via foursquare every time she took taxi mentioning taxi number, name of driver, her own condition, etc.
And when she took buses she often took photos.

colson said...

I'm sorry to read about your ordeal.Especially since it's repetitive.

I think it's pretty heroic to - in spite of severe physical pain- commute and work at the office (I'm afraid to admit I in similar circumstances would have stayed at home - men seem to be frightened of pain in an almost childish way)).

I hope you get well soon and I wish you can keep the courage, stamina and endurance you obviously have.

triesti said...

@harry, well, normally when I left the office at 4 -4:30 the traffic is not that bad. Since the fasting begin, I have no idea when it is not going to stuck. It is not predictable anymore.

@colson Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, however it's not heroic at all, it's part of life.. pain is becoming part of me since 2001. it's just how bad it is to function 'normally' on day to day basis. That day was one of the worst in the last 3 or 4 years.