Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blame the Dutch

I told you before that I've been bitchy lately. Last night my 'victim' was the cab driver. I dont remember how it started, but he started to invoke "Dutch legacy" in what ever degradation Indonesia is suffering at the moment. It's my peeve that Indonesian blame the Dutch for what ever going wrong in this place. I started to lecture him for a good 15 minutes about how such thinking is the mind of a still colonized person, if not nation. If we believe that we are free since 1945, start acting like a free person, improve what ever needed and move on!


colson said...

Oh, being experienced in getting the heat of female scorn, I can't but sympathize with the unlucky man. It is not easy to weather the storm of female indignation. Poor cabdriver :).

Though I'm very willing to keep on saying 'sorry' ( mea culpa, mea maxima culpa for Roman Catholics ) on behalf of my forefathers, I can't but admit you have a major point there.

After 65 years of independence the only Dutch influence which remains is hidden in one or two words. I guess Kantor pos (???) is one of them.

triesti said...

There are still a lot of Dutch influence in Indonesian language: Sadel=zadel, atret=achter uit, knalpot (and such things), duit, pinter=pienter, etc. The other day I was surprised one of my bosses used a proper Dutch word that I used to hear from my grandmother.
we still have ontgroening (worse than in NL).