Friday, October 08, 2010


I was at this conference in the last two days which had both foreign and local participants. Normally in NL I was considered as short being less than 1.70m, by Indonesian standard I am all right. However, during group photo, I stood behind because I was "tall". There were some Europeans ladies, but most of them were "Indonesian size".

During dinner last night it was obvious the separation of foreigners and locals. One table sat 80% foreigners, on the other sat 80% locals. Since I was there to get more Indonesian contacts I sat in the predominantly local table, next to a German lady and a Bulgarian guy. I knew most of Indonesian there were trying to get more contact with the foreigners, so I found it weird that they didnt use the dinner to network with them. Their lost, my gain, I'd say.

Oh, another thing: The waiters only offered wine to the foreigners. The German lady said,"they thought you dont drink, so they dont offer you any as to not offend you." Perhaps.


colson said...

A funny mini study in social psychology and sociology :).

As for your gains in networking, I guess being relatively tall ( by Indonesian standard) gives you an edge anyhow. So I guess in that respect ( right table, right size) you will have been successful - provided you by way of revenge didn't claim too much wine :).

triesti said...

Amen to that. Sadly, I didnt drink, not even a drop, because I had to work afterward. See, what a great (or stupid) employee I am. I also didnt go to 2 dinner parties (last night, and tonight) because I am/was too tired/too much catching up to do for next week.

The guys were teasing me about the choice between dinner party at Fourseasons and working on Saturday night. Most of the time I'd picked dinner.. but not this week. :(

On the up-side, I met lots of interesting people and had a lead for a new business.