Wednesday, October 20, 2010


"Hahaha, I didnt get the Oz thing, did you?" that text woke me up this morning. I turned on the Net, logged in to my email account and saw an email subject started with "IMPORTANT". In the third paragraph, I read "I regret to...", not bother reading the whole thing, I texted back: "Neither did I hahahaha". Ms. T. urged me last month to apply for this course in Politics, which I wasnt sure about because had I gotten the place, I would have missed my last class and I have an exam due the day upon arriving back in Jakarta. She said I got nothing to lose, so why not applying. True. So I did.

I went to Permata Bank to pay for mom's visa application, and tried to get information on my dad's account problem at their other branch. The Atrium-branch's customer service manager helped us sealed a deal with that problematic branch about my dad's account.

After calling my uncle about mom's appointment rescheduling problem at the US embassy, I tried calling the embassy and was told that they just opened new slots in October, so I could try to use that option first, and I managed to get it rescheduled from Nov 16th to Oct 27th. Fingers crossed, she gets her visa and can go on Nov 7th to support my cousin whose husband is getting a stem cell procedure for his cancer.

And I read this article: interesting.

Definitely not a bad day:)


colson said...

If we use a microscope life may reveal among it's dirt little shining particles of joy and satisfaction. Especially when it's a magical days.

Was this good news in your email factually the very early abortion of a breathtaking political career? :)

triesti said...

Actually, I was involved in politics before, this year I mentioned about that offer to be a certain party official. As for the future, we'll see, never say never ;)