Friday, October 15, 2010

Small Things

A taxi driver told me his experience in Europe followed by trying to introduce me to his Italian friend. He then promised me he's praying that I'll ended up with a European, so I can 'improve my offsprings" and have a romantic husband, whatever that means.


A bloke thought I was 10 years younger and still couldnt believe that I told him the truth. He put it in good genes and being Asian. He also thought my English is about 97% perfect, I think he was too generous with that one.


That printer problem I had on the 13th made my boss scared the next day because when all computers were still off, the printer printed out my file, twice!


Although it's nothing compare to O'pazzo in NL, Pepenero pizza is decent enough plus it's practically next door.


colson said...

I at once checked O'Pazzo at And I guess something has gone wrong since you left us: over 30% of the respondents thought the restaurant was only so-so or worse.

When you return we'll have to find a better alternative.

triesti said...

What a pity, my Italian friends used to travel all the way to O'pazzo (from other Dutch cities) just for the pizza, they swore it was the best in NL. But I agree, the service was not good. What do you expect from a place that also cater to the 'mafia' world, or so I've been told.

I am working on that last part, so you might as well start looking for that alternative ;)

colson said...

I've started my research!