Monday, October 25, 2010

When It Rains, It floods

I just got out of the building when the first rain drops fell. Armed with my umbrella, I scurried to across the street and hailed a cab. I wanted a Transcab, but I got Express taxi instead. So, there's no tv along the way. It was stormy, I was glad I took the cab instead of the busway.

It took us about an hour from the office, because the visibility sometimes limited, and some part of the roads were/are flooded. I could get to our place from the usual route, due to traffic jammed, so I told the cab to take the longer route. Not a good idea.

The cab almost broke down, because of the flooding near the back of our place. It is a known problem in the area that the neighborhood chief of that area doesnt care about his area's problem (bad drainage, etc). As soon as we crossed to my neighborhood, there was no flooding. It took only an hour of hard rain, that it started to flood to about 40cm deep. So, by this time-3 hours later, I guess the flood is much deeper than that.

I pity those who are still trap in the traffic jams, and those whose houses are flooded.


colson said...

You obviously are absolutely right. It is a recurrent problem. And it's hugely inconvenient to all inhabitants and a total disaster to many. My bule son wrote on facebook: "It took us more than one hour to get through kemang (4 km)".

(Though I just noticed a 7.5 earthquake took place off Sumatra's West coast. That may even be worse.)

triesti said...

Last night we had 3 disasters, earthquake in gorontalo, flood in Jakarta, and earthquake/tsunami in mentawai. I heard more than 300 people are missing around 40 death so far in mentawai. RIP.

It's amazing, considering I lived about 2km from the lowest point in NL, which means several meters below the sea level and never experienced flooding around my old place, even during that storm when the sea level rose for 1.99m!!!