Friday, October 01, 2010

Vitamin G

I know Hong from an ex, they were colleagues. We skype every now and then, he asked me about where to get things, for advice about health and Dutch thingy, I asked him about whatever I thought he might knew. In real life he's more quiet than online.

He just asked me what vitamin G was, because I wrote something about having some vitamin G. I told him it was Guinness. He replied,"grape?"

I found out that Indonesian is Guinness 6th biggest market in the world, which was rather surprising. I also found out according to this research, it has antioxidant and low dose of aspirin. I was surprised to read that in UK there was time when patients and blood donors were given Guinness as it was believed it was high on iron.


colson said...

Any excuse will do :).

(Actually I like some German and Belgian beers better)

triesti said...

:D well.. you know.. actually I dont like beer, but that day it helped turning a boring day at work into a fun one :)