Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Scatter Brain

I've been pretty busy lately, although you might think otherwise judging by the number of my posts lately. I handled two, three things at the same time, running from one part of the city to the other. The bad thing about it is I dont have enough sleep, because of that my brain is pretty scattered and I can be really bitchy, or at least I would give you my nasty stare. Trust me, you dont want to be in the receiving end.

Being a scatter brain, I had a laugh this morning.

Two weeks ago one of my friend invited me to his wedding via Facebook. It's in Pamulang which I dont even know where it is other than somewhere far, far, away in the south. I emailed him and told him I couldnt make it because I have class on Saturday. His reply was: It's on Sunday.

Last Sunday, mom took the car to visit her ailing sister. I thought I had to take a cab all the way to Pamulang, but it started to rain. No, it was more like a huge storm. So I decided to stay at home and work. I was going to text him, but I thought with the wedding and honeymoon, I'd text him next week.

Imagine my surprise when I saw his Facebook status: D day-5. He wrote something about being excited to start a life together with his other half in 5 days. What? Didnt he get married two days ago? So I checked his invitation, and yes, the wedding is on next Sunday, not two days ago. I emailed him, and he was laughing.

Good thing this kind of thing so far didnt affect my job. Fingers crossed it wont.
Ok, I'm back to work


colson said...

For fear of your scary stare: please don't read this.

So, here in my solitude, I will be forever wondering how many Indonesians choose to marry this part of the year. According to what I've read and heard there hardly can be any single left. Probably next year Indonesia will go through a huge baby-boom.

triesti said...

Dont worry.. I'm still not planning to join that tribe.. wait, dont tell my family about it, ok.