Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Benefit of Dying in an Aeroplane

Inside the back of 737 on the way to Amsterdam from Dublin, I was talking to this Dutch guy about flying school. Then there was turbulence and I was Ok with it. He commented about me not scared about it. I told him,"The way I see it, when it is time, it's time. It be in an airplane, or in your bed. So I'm not scare about the turbulence." He said that he wanted to die on his bed, sleeping.

Tonight I went to Ajahn Brahm lecture. He said something about him not scared about terrorist attack in the plane because there are 3 benefits of dying in an airplane:
1. It's an instant cremation. Very efficient.
2. It's free. A normal burial costs a lot. When your plane blew up, it's a free cremation. Plus your family receive some money from the insurance.
3. Since you are flying, it's closer to heaven!


colson said...

Now it's for sure. I'm really Dutch. Because I also prefer to die while asleep in bed.

As for the three benefits you mention I'm not so sure about the third one. It depends on the location where heaven is in relation to the place where the plane actually is flying :).

triesti said...

At least you are closer to heaven in the plane than in your bed :)

Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
Hmnmm ..... so those are the benefits of dying in a plane crash.
I never thought of it that way.

colson said...

@ triesti: If heaven is located up over Mecca ( for instance), those in a plane crashing in plane over Saudi Arabia are closer to heaven indeed. But if I happen to be flying over Chicago I'm actually further from that heaven :).