Friday, March 11, 2011

Blink And You'll Miss It

After 13 or so hours flight, 2 new acquaintances later.. just touched down in lowland.
I was welcomed with 5degrees weather, just like the first time I was here in my other life.

Surprisingly, the sky is pretty clear. When we were descending toward the airport, every things are illuminated.
there were blocks of greenhouses and cities lighting up below.

There's this familiarity but also strangeness being here again.
the smell... the flatness... the way things are... the coldness...

In a few hours I'll be gone again...


colson said...

Wow. Welcome. And actually the daytime temperature of ten degrees Celcius ( five was night time or early morning temperature) isn't cold, just fresh :).

NB: Of course you should have warned me in advance of your arrival. There should have been my committee of welcome on Schiphol also ( see precious post/comment).

Harry Nizam said...

Have a wonderful trip, Triesti.

triesti said...

@colson.. thanks for the thought. NL was surprisingly warmer than Dublin. This morning it was said: 0 but feels like -7. ggrreat..
@harry thanks! So far it's been great.