Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kuta Cowboy

In the 5 minutes I was in Kuta Beach I was approach by a Kuta Cowboy. Gosh! The guy came and invited me and my friends to sit. They act quick, huh? A commented that we looked like mommies that's why he approach us. I told her she did.

What amazed me was there was A's hubby & baby with us. Man..


Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

I think the cowboy is after a pretty lady like you, not your friend.

colsoln said...

He may have acted quick. But I think it rather proves you stand out in a crowd - attractive and fashionable.

And why, oh why I've never been approached by some gorgeous beach cowgirl :(. Or should I accept I meet the opposite criteria I mentioned above?

triesti said...

Thank you guys for the compliments, there's an other possibility: I looked desperate enough for him.. sigh.
@colson you need to visit blok M, I bet you get lots of 'offering' ;) ps: dont tell your kids I told you to