Thursday, March 31, 2011

Foggy Brain

I bought Actifed cough meds yesterday because, you guess it, I am sick again. Sigh. I contracted cough germs from this guy in the delegation. I told him many times over to wear proper clothing because of the weather, but he still didnt listen and got sick and got me sick because we went to the same meetings all the time.

So anyway, I took one dosage of actifed around 5 pm yesterday at the restaurant. By 6pm in the car I was sleeping soundly. When we got home, my boss emailed if I want to go to our fund raising event at Le Meridien but I had to pass that one. I had to email someone in the USA for mom, and slept next to my laptop waiting for the reply. Later on, mom dictated her reply in Bahasa Indonesia and I, half asleep, translated it to English. I couldnt even understand what she was saying in Bahasa Indonesia, so I put a disclaimer in that email about taking meds.

This morning I woke up late and still groggy, I had to drag myself to shower and later on to work. What little left of my intelligence was practically gone by the time I got to the office. At one point, I looked for my cellphone while talking on the said cellphone! The guys were laughing at me, saying it's all due to age factor, not only because of the meds. Right.

If anything, these are the moral of the story: first, I get easily contracted with cold and once I started to cough it takes ages to cure. Second, a low dosage of sleeping meds will knock me out cold for a long time.

So tonight, I didnt take any cough meds, only my antibiotics. Have lots to do in the morning. On the positive side, my throat feels a bit better than last night.


Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
I have been coughing since last week and my doctor gave me activet + antibiotic, and I am still coughing a little bit.
People say that it is because of the weather.

colson said...

A severe cold? The one with razorblades in your throat and and nose that's dripping like a cascade. One which prohibits any visit to a concert or theatre because of the never ending coughing?

That kind of cold?

Bad news.

It's a nasty virus. It is an unwelcome guest which will not leave the host for at least a week. Even antibiotics won't work, because they can't cope with viruses..

Here is my sympathy ( from another coughing human being...)

triesti said...

@harry yes, it felt like -7 at one point in Dublin, then it was very hot in Bali, then raining in Jakarta. Didnt help.
@Colson, mine is more like cough with phlegm that stuck in my throat. I had to take the antibiotic because of upper respiratory infection.

I hope we all get better soon. I've been losing weight because it makes me feel like not eating.