Friday, March 04, 2011

Splitting Headache

Last Tuesday I got home to mom unpacking her 3 huge baggages. Yupe, mom is back from her 4 months trip. There is this familiar smell since then in our house that I always associate with USA.

Since then I've also noticed that I started having dizziness, headache and really sleepy during the day. So sleepy that I could fell asleep and dreaming in the busway on the back from the office on Wednesday! Normally I cant sleep in public. Weird.

Today the headache is getting worse that I couldnt think straight. I managed to sleep it off a bit in the morning only to wake up because of the headache. Because I need to pack for my trip while I still have time, I started to put my wardrobe together, so I can mix and match later on without bringing too much of it. When I was trying out the new dress mom bought, I got splitting headache from the smell of it. For someone with a weird sense of smell it's too much. I mentioned about it to mom, she said it's the smell of detergent they are using over there. However I'm suspicious that it's the chemical they use in the airport to fumigate the baggages because every things smell like that, even the shoes and bags she bought. Plus, one of her baggages was opened for random inspection over there.

Now I need to air everything I want to pack, just in case.
Seriously, It's been years since I have this much headache.

ps: if my hunch is right, does it mean I can sue USA airport for immaterial damages? ;)


colson said...

Getting sick from a precious gift, is cruel. Detergent or airport poison, one might wonder whether
these chemicals are another way of secret warfare?

Hope you're okay again and that the smell and accompanying inconveniences have disappeared by now.

triesti said...

Yeah.. this morning the headache is gone. Though I notice I have headache at the mall near the perfume/ fake croc shops

Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

I am sorry to hear about your headache.

The best thing to do is to got to a medical specialist.

Re: suing a US airport, you need
to have a whole lots of proofs to support you a.o other victim, expert statement that the use of chemical stuff at the airport could cause very extensive and indirect effects, etc.

triesti said...

Harry, thank you for your concern. I'm alright now. I went to see my doc on thursday. I was just kidding about suing airport:)