Friday, September 23, 2011

Anti Mosquito Anti Me

The bloke showed us an Iphone app that supposed to be an anti mosquitoes. He turned it on about 50 cm in front of us.
+ The guy said this app emits sound that irritates mosquitoes, but maybe I'm deaf, I dont hear it.
- It does, I hear it. peep...peep.. very high.
+ You hear it?
- Yeah. It is irritating.
* Seriously? Let me try [he put the iphone next to his ear] hmm, nothing.
-Seriously. [both looked at me surprised]

Fact: I hear high pitch sound that irritates mosquitoes, rats, and that 'silent' ringtone that kids nowadays use but I have trouble hearing low pitch sound with background noise and I have a certified audiogram result to proof it.


H. Nizam said...

The safest way to kill mosquito would be by beating (clasping) them with our hands.

colson said...

Apart from scaring away rodents and nasty insects, does this unique quality or rather talent also helps to be a better singer/musician ?

triesti said...

@harry.. my hands are not fast enough
@colson sadly no. I get irritated with sounds in my head that most people dont hear, tho.

trancepass said...

simply smash them with your palms. easy, ecofriendly and no cost.