Thursday, September 08, 2011

Night and Day

Within a week I had the opportunity to try the internet in two of the biggest IT related company. One of them is in Singapore, where I tried their impressive teleconference. You feel like your counterparts are in the same room as you and their mic is sensitive enough that when you move while talking, you counterpart natural reaction is to turn their head to the side where you move to. Not to mention you counterpart is pictured as big as the real person. They have not only one, but at least 3 rooms for such service. Talk about using a lot of bandwidth. I was in 'teleconference heaven'.

Today, I ended up 'working' in one of Indonesia biggest internet providers' office. Let me just say this: OMG! It took me ages to open my gmail account, then after I saw the list of my emails I could not do any thing at all. Nothing. Nada. Zip. even I couldnt log out! I tried opening up this website that I need and it took ages. I tried logging in to their intranet email service and it took ages to open up their lotus, plus the email I had been waiting for wasnt there even though I could see it already on my gmail list, which of course I couldnt open.

So, now I get it why my home connection which is provided by them is so darn slow for the connection I am paying for. They couldnt even have a decent connection in their own office. Seriously. When I commented about the speed, the lady who works there said because they have to split the connection with the whole building. Again, seriously!

Two companies, in two countries. It feels like night and day.


colson said...

So glad it doesn't curb your blogging enthusiasm :).

Well, it's not a matter of fate but just a phase-difference. So the consolation can be that it's about certain Indonesian companies will catch up with the one's in S'pore in the foreseeable future.

H. Nizam said...

I seldom have problem with internet, at the office, mobile and at home.
Even warnets (internet rental) are quite okay now.

Which part of Jakarta are you living?

triesti said...

@colson, Harry, I guess my home internet is ok, if you are use to 'indonesian' connection. But I used to have 10MB connection in my room back in NL with no cap of the max. bandwidth I could use. Even at the Univ. I could download 100MB in 10 minutes over there, and that connection is shared by thousands of people. So, yeah, watching a bit of youtube in Ind, they turn down my connecting citing a fair share connection. If I download something in the first week of the month, then by the end of the month my connection is soooooo slow.

It shows how we desperately need to work on our infrastructure. Imagine with a good working broadband, we could have such rooms in each office of our governors,Mayors, etc so that they could just use the teleconference instead of traveling to Jakarta for a simple meeting. We could've save a lot of money for the trips and a lot of thing could be done via internet, such as tele-lecture for students. Just saying..