Sunday, September 04, 2011

My "Mudik"

Someone asked if I go mudik this year. I said,"yes, to Singapore". The truth is, I have to work on Friday over there and stayed there for one night even though the office is close for a week.

It's my first proper stay in Singapore. Normally I just transit or visit my cousin for a few hours. Somehow I dont share the attraction of going there which a lot of Indonesians have. However, since I had this invitation and a meeting, I managed to visit Dali Exhibition while I was there.

After landing, this woman approached me, asking if I went to this university and if I was in her year. I did. That's the first time we met after gazillion years. We used to be in the same group because our names close to each other in the list. Small world, eh?

After checking in, I took a cab to MBS, Marina Bay Sands to see Dali. They currently also host Van Gogh and shipwrecked exhibition. Since I've been to Van Gogh museum many times before, I dont see the point of seeing his paintings projected. Besides I've never been a big fan of his anyway. In fact, the first time I saw his early painting I thought I knew better how to paint shadow when I was in elementary school than he was at his twenties. Suffice to say, that's when I lost my interest in him. But I digress.

Dali Exhibition was pretty good. There are plenty of his drawings and sculptures. Most of them are about his symbolism. I love his Lady Godiva and Space Elephant sculptures. To bad they didnt show his lobster phone while putting up his quote "I do not understand why, when I ask for a grilled lobster in a restaurant, I am never served a cooked telephone." it's like a loose end.

I think Dali exhibition at Boijmans Museum, Rotteram back in 2005 was bigger and better. Not to mention it was more fitting to his surrealism. MBS attempts to add something to his collection is by putting up funny mirrors in front of a wall of many kind of clocks. You can make your own picture of melting clock just as Dali did.

I then went to my meeting where I could try this state of the art tele conference. Apparently the Australian government use them. It's fab, you feel like you are in the same room with your counterpart and there was no delay in its connection. Too bad, we dont have the infrastructure to make it available every where in Indonesia. However, I do know there is at least one place in Jakarta using it.

From there I went to Orchad rd. and was sucked in ION for an hour. Dashed back to the hotel to change before going to this party. I met my girls at the party and had a good time with them and was introduced to a lot of people. Some are coming over in a few weeks. It was good that I saw the girls, but also sad as it was a farewell party of two great people. The host is charming as ever. I think one of the requirements of being an Irish Ambassador is being charming. The food is great. If you are ever been to the place, try the carrot pudding. It's gorgeous.

The next day, I had about two hours trying to find this Bialetti I wanted to give to a buddy of mine, but with no luck. No one but this girl ever heard of it.

On my way back, I was in the same flight with Yuni Shara & her toyboy. That's my Mudik story.


H. Nizam said...

A trip to Singapore during Lebaran holidays must have been interesting.

triesti said...

@harry, it was v. tiring. Way to many people in one tiny place. I found most people were a bit rude and gloomy. The bus and metro reminds me of NL's public transport though. Plus it's hotter than jakarta. I do wish Indonesian learn a bit or two from spore, such as queueing, cleanliness and infrastructure for a descent public transportation & pedestrian. But it seems like as soon as they are back in Sukarno Hatta what ever they did abroad is gone. But that just my impression of 30hours in Spore.

colson said...

I stand in awe. You definitely know how to exploit the time. To me it looks like an amazing, incredibly busy and fascinating 40 hours program. Amazing.

One thing though.

Being two interested amateurs (even though I guess your knowledge and insight is superior to mine), we urgently need to have a serious and heated debate on the qualities of Vincent in comparison to those of Salvador :). That is as soon we meet face to face again :).

triesti said...

@colson I was toying with the idea of visiting another exhibition actually, but it wasnt on my route.

Game on, soon I hope... I think your insight is more superior and in depth. I'm just absorbing from my buddies & telly :)