Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We were reading the menu and discussing what to eat when the waitress suggested in Bahasa Indonesia "siput", snail, for minimum 400 grams. Since we were thinking of getting jelly fish, we both thought she meant snail.

Then when she said "we also have fish for a minimum 400grams" as if it was part of the "siput", we both started to get confused. We found out she meant to say "seafood" but pronounced it "siput". She commented, "yes, different P".


colson said...

Funny :). I just hope you enjoyed the meal.

Reminds of a little trauma of mine..

When in France at the time I was courting my girlfriend/wife-to-be, I wanted to make an impression on her by ordering "Truite" ( = Trout). Actually it was "truite au bleu".

My French pronunciation wasn't that good obviously. For I was quite embarrassed when some twenty minutes later the waiter did put patates frites (= Fench fries) without trout on our table.

triesti said...

@colson it's like my friend ordered "Zonder patat" instead of "Patat Zonder". The guy gave her the container ans my friend was confused, she didnt realize what she had said! :D