Friday, August 20, 2010

Hell's Gate

In the Islamic teacher, if I am not mistaken, there is this belief that God locks up all evil spirit in hell during Ramadan which this year started on August 11 to (maybe) September 11. Therefore Moslem can fast and pray more easily during Ramadan with less temptations.

In the Chinese culture, there is this belief that in the 7th month of the lunar year, which is between August and September, the gates of hell are open so the hungry ghosts are free to wander in seek of food on earth. To remember their dead family, the Chinese celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival. They feel by making food offering the deceased would appeases them and ward off bad luck.

Isn't it interesting that in the same period hell's gates are both open and close.


colson said...

In my philosophy - which is on the here and now, and not about afterlife- each individual has a talent to build his or her private hell that has no doors at all.

In mine I sneakily dug some tunnels for escape though.

triesti said...

Well, if we use venn diagram, we all end up in hell, because each religion says those who are not their follower will end up in hell anyway... :D