Thursday, August 05, 2010

How to Pick Your Wine

U tried to educate me about wine. Red wine to be precise. Let's just say I only know if it was a good summer, chances are we have good wine from that year, and that EU wine can be added with sugar to increase its alcohol level.

One day my friends and I hung out and wanted to have some wine. Olivier, whose father loves wine, told us his method of selecting wine: pick a bottle with the highest punt. He theorized that the higher the punt, the better the taste. Of course he failed to prove it. But we had a great time any way.

I've noticed that a lot of Indonesians I know prefer sweet wine. Perhaps they should just stick to Port or try Pineau des charentes.


colson said...

Probably I could do with some education in oenology. Probably I am a real barbarian in the eyes of connoisseurs. Though I'm a regular and happy user I do enjoy wine with next to no knowledge out it. Well, I like my wine dry. White wine if it's hot or with fish or seafood - red for the rest of the time.

triesti said...

You know, white wine made me tipsy quicker than red. Dont know why, it supposed to be the other way around. funnily enough, I handle distilled better.

colson said...

@ triesti: If we ( as I hope) will ever meet I have to make sure red Bordeaux and V.S.O.P.cognac will be within reach.

triesti said...

Yay! even without them, I look forward to meeting you. I'll supply chocolate :)