Thursday, August 05, 2010


I was planning to go straight to the hospital from work yesterday, but mom wanted me to go home first then go with her & my aunt to visit my sister-in-law at the ICU. So, I did. After trapped in a deadlock traffic for a while I tried to get home as soon as I could only to tumble in front of the mall near our place. Good thing I stopped myself in time from falling into the busy street.

It is nothing new. I fall a lot in my life. Embarrassment? What embarrassment? Take cue from Naomi Campbell: just pick my self up and walk away when it happens.

The thing is my body's still aching from my sprained muscles. From head to toe, and on my palms and arms. I feel like cheburashka.


colson said...

First of all: I'm sorry to read about your bad luck. I wish you strength in the process of the recovering body.

But wow: Noami Campbell? Much better association in connection with you than cheburashka is.

triesti said...

after a pijat.. it's better, thank you very much. Both have it's positive, i find cheburashka v cute:)