Thursday, August 12, 2010

Security or Money?

I wonder the real reason behind Indonesia's government insistence that Blackberry has to have a server in Indonesia. Is it security or money?

My bet is the latter.

Simple, RIM is a foreign partner, however, Indonesian regulation didnt specify about foreign partner such as RIM who has no local license as internet provider nor as multimedia provider. Therefore they dont need to have its server in Indonesia.

Indonesian operators at this moment are paying for the cost of setting up internet link that can amounted up to USD1000 per Megabyte. Since RIM using that connection to send their data to their servers, I wouldnt be surprise that the local operators want that RIM also bear that cost.

As for security, to my knowledge most if not all Indonesian Blackberries are for personal use. It ties in with one's identity and its encryption is not as good as corporate Blackberry. If I was a terrorist, I wouldnt want to use Blackberry because of it. Plus, rumor has it American NSA has the capability to crack RIM encryption in matter of hours without the help from RIM. Apparently there's also a flaw in Blackberry encryption as the device itself can decrypting any message sent by any other Blackberry.

Anyway, that's just my hunch.

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