Friday, August 27, 2010

Vegan Satay

Yesterday I got home to a very delish vegan satay that mom bought. I absolutely love it, and asked our maid to make it today.

Turns out it is easy to make.

You need oyster mushrooms, some Indonesian kecap and butter. That's it.

After you clean the mushroom, boil them with a bit of salt. Dried the mushroom, then mixed it with kecap and butter. After putting them in skewers, grill them on the barbie.

It can be serve with or without peanut butter sauce.


colson said...

Thanks for the recipe. Because I'm lousy in the kitchen I'll ask my expert cooks ( son-in-law -actually my daughter's friend- and daughter in law and wife) to do the trick.

Though I've to admit that I love ayam or gambing also.

triesti said...

your welcome. Kambing can increase your blood pressure so be careful when eating it & drinking alcohol or eating durian :)