Saturday, August 14, 2010


I think I might had sexual harassment the other day. I was in a packed busway home when I felt this hand kept on moving in front of the area of my pubis bone, I tried to move away. By the next stop, that bloke was standing behind me, and I felt his hand on my behind. I then tried to move away again. The thing is, I wasnt sure if he was really trying to grope, since he was holding his bag. Then again it might be his MO, Modus Operandi. If I were him, and I felt someone's pelvic area while holding my bag, I would've put my hand in a more appropriate position.

I experienced rush hour commuting in other countries before, but I'd never experienced any sexual harassment. Only in Indonesia I experienced it, and no one helped me back then. It sucks being female in this place.


colson said...

It definitely looks like gross sexual harassment.
A very nasty experience indeed.

I guess these kind of creeps are evenly dispersed among the people of the world. Their 'opportunities' may differ though, dependent on the conditions.

Underdeveloped gender equality may also play some role, I guess.

triesti said...

Creeps are every where, but I guess over here there are more sexually frustrated creeps.

There were already several cases of harassment on Busway/while waiting for one. The only solution they gave: separated waiting line when it is possible. If there are more buses, it will be less crowded, therefore less opportunity for harassment.

I wonder how long would it take before I punch someone for harassing me.