Saturday, August 07, 2010

Gut Feeling

The older I get, the more I listen to my gut feeling than before. Unless I feel a 'good vibe' from a new person, I tend to keep my distance. Therefore after meeting me, for some people, I am perceived as aloof bordering arrogant. Well, you cant please every one, right?

I know it doesnt sound logical, to listen to 'vibe'. I cant begin to explain what I feel. However I think every one at some point in their life has that feeling about certain thing in their life, some sort of internal warning. Some would say it's 6th sense, some would say that your subconscious is reading all the micro cues and reacted to that. What ever your explanation of 'vibe', I try to listen to it, albeit not always right.

Therefore I hate it when I had 'bad vibe' about something but I ignored it, and in the end it turned out bad. Really bad. Just like what happened many times over this week. One revelation after another, that can conform why I felt the way I felt all these time. It make all sense about things, eventho I still have a hard time digesting it. At some level the feeling prepared me to brace myself of what may come, tho sometimes things are worse than I expected. I just take comfort that this too will pass and I'll come out stronger.


colson said...

Falling victim of abuse of trust sometimes is a devastating experience. Especially if one's 'early warning system' previously indicated high alert..

But you definitely will "come out stronger".

Actually at least as many people who are bastards, are okay. So in spite of the fact that in the future new disappointments are inevitable, I think there is no need to be over cautious in relating to other members of the human race. It is too bad to run the risk of missing the great ones.

triesti said...

De kat uit de boom kijken, dat ben ik. Op dit moment lach ik als een boer die kiespijn heeft. :)

colson said...

Als je vindt dat je (te) afwachtend bent geweest, dan zou de konklusie kunnen zijn dat je een volgende keer niet voorzichtiger, maar juist wat assertiever moet zijn.

Eén ding is zeker: alweer lever je een fraai staaltje Nederlands idioom. Wow! Ik doe je dat in geen 100 jaar in Bahasa Indonesia na.

tikno said...

Hi Triesti,

I come here from Colson's blog after read your comment there. Maybe this is the first time I'm commenting here.

It sounds this post reflects of your heart thrill. Agree with Colson, no need to be over cautious. Life is just like chess, if we don't make a move, we'll loose the game.

triesti said...

@tikno, thanks for your kind words.
@colson, Ik moet een balans zoeken tussen die twee.