Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Awe of Dali

I was supposed to go to Jakarta Exchange Building this afternoon. To get into that building one needs to leave one's ID card. Before leaving my building, I looked for my ID card, and found none. Panic! I searched my bag, thought when the last time I used my ID card until I saw this visitor badge of Mayapada building.

Yes, I went to Mayapada Building last Saturday, that was when I had to leave my ID before going to this firm upstairs. Upon returning, I completely forgotten to get my ID back because I was in awe of this Salvador Dali's statue in the lobby. It's his "Homage to Newton" statue numbered 4 out of 4 according to its placard. The real deal.

The owner of the statue is Mr.Tahir, Mayapada's boss.

I was surprised to see a Dali in public in Jakarta. Most of the time works of famous artists are not shown in public in Jakarta because they are owned by private collectors. I've heard there are Indonesians who owns/owned a Monet, a Renoir, and artists in that caliber, but that Dali was the first that I knew openly shown.

If I'm not mistaken, in Singapore they also have Homage to Newton statue numbered 5 out of 8. From the look of it, it's the same series, I dont know why they put the one in Mayapada as 4/4 instead of 4/8, perhaps the great master changed his mind?

Anyhow, I have to go back to Mayapada tomorrow to get my ID card and stare at the statue again.


colson said...

Salvador Dali on display in Jakarta? Have the FPI guys been warned already?

Now of course Dali was kind of weird. A very special artist in many ways. And married to this also very special, bossy and greedy lady Gala who was more of a business woman then an art lover. It might be that the numbering of the statues is an indication of her 'production" methods.

triesti said...

Perhaps the size of the penis of that statue doesnt offend FPI enough.

BTW, I thought it was Picasso who used to signed blank canvasses to be painted by upcoming artists, and sold as a Picasso's