Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Earthquake and Durian

Apparently indigenous people of Mentawai doesnt have a word for Tsunami. As they are living in the middle of the island or in the banks of rivers, they dont have the concept of tsunami. They have a word for an earthquake, which is Sigeguegue. In their culture, when there's an earthquake, they are taught to take a refuge under the banana tree. They also believe, when a sigeguegue happens in the morning, which they call it sipananduk, the durian season is coming. When an earthquake happens in the afternoon, it's time for them to look for induat, a type of fungi.

The closest thing to tsunami for them is oju, it's when the river's flooding from the direction of the estuary.

Since those who lives/d in the coast of Mentawai are non-indigenous people of Mentawai, it isnt a wonder that Mentawai people oppose the notion of relocating that is mentioned by Marzuki Alie after the tsunami.


colson said...

Impracticable and extreme as it may seem to be, perhaps relocation is a solution which should be studied and considered.

That is if indeed, like I read, experts are convinced the "big" one ( earthquake of about 9.0 on Richter's scaler) is still to come and already overdue.

triesti said...

The thing is, unless you live in Kalimantan, earthquake is practically a daily hazard in this place.