Thursday, November 04, 2010


As soon as I met my cousin who lives in Jogja, we talked about Merapi, scientifically and metaphysically. How vulcanologists baffled by Merapi's behaviour which is not according to it's pattern and how some paranormals predicted about Merapi would split Java. He told me about people were waiting for a bigger eruption today/tomorrow. By midnight, we started receiving texts and calls from Jogja.

Merapi erupted again. Bigger than yesterday.

With the new development, my cousin's place is becoming a refugee camp for his friends. There was sand shower. According to the news, the last eruption was 8km high. My heart goes out for those affected.

ps: I read somewhere that the ash cloud could reach Jakarta, at the moment it's already reaching Ciamis. It reminds me of Galunggung eruption back in the 80's (which I think was not as big as last night's eruption). We lived about 800km away from it, but almost the whole period of its eruption my brother and I were coughing for months that my dad thought we had whooping cough. Just realized, I started to cough yesterday, perhaps the ash is already reaching Jakarta. Better stock up with some masks


colson said...

It's a lethal and beautiful phenomenon. Can't but feel sympathy for the victims- and transfer some money to the Red Cross to ease my conscience for doing next to nothing to help the people over there.

By the way, what did strike me is that the Iceland volcano eruptions earlier this year brought air traffic in Western Europe to a standstill, while it seems that the skies over Indonesia are still ( largely) open.

PS: Take care of yourself.

triesti said...

zal ik doen, opa. Heb vandaag goede maskers gekocht:)

Living in Indonesia means living dangerously :) My mom, aunty and uncle flew this afternoon with China Airlines despite some airlines cancelation of their flights to and from Indonesia.