Monday, November 29, 2010


I told several people about my being bed rest, and here are their reactions:
Boss: Mati aku... (I'm dead)
Colleague: I heard you are sick, get well soon, what can I do to help preparing for Wednesday?
Uncle: Wait, what about Wednesday?
Vice Dean: How could you and your uncle get sick at the same time? What about Wednesday?
An Auntie: Stay put in bed, dont go any where, not even for your big meeting on Wednesday. Your health is your priority!
Brother: Yeee...
A friend: .... [then change the topic]
Another Uncle: Oh, it's nothing, you can go on Wednesday, just take your meds.

The maid is missing in action that even screaming calling her name didnt work and I have to go to my niece's room asking her to get the maid upstairs in her room because the water dispenser is almost empty. So much for bed rest.

Meanwhile, I have my computer, books and dictionaries on my bed; bottles of water, meds, phones, cookies & chocolate next to my bed.


colson said...

If you are ill in a way you have to put in an effort to stay focussed, what you can do without most is advice by well meaning friends and relatives. Bit a boss who admits he is "dead" of you are not around, is a bonus. Or should I say will have to materialize into a bonus at the end of this year.

It's a fascinating picture by the way which you've been sketching. Your bed is your castle. And this feeble lady of the castle is surrounded by impregnable walls of books and chocolate.

Just great.

triesti said...

Books & Chocolate (the darker the better) are my true soulmates, they never fail to be there for me come rain come sunshine:)

The Boss bit, I sure hope so... plus the client already mentioned about requesting especially for my service to my boss & their willingness to pay extra for that. The again, I believe it when I see it :)