Friday, November 26, 2010

Verrek Zeg!

Tante O visited me this morning, and we talked heart to heart. Before the Japanese occupation, when she was less than 6 year old, Tante O used to speak Dutch with my grandparents. During and after the occupation, Dutch language was in verboden in our house because my grandfather was part of the troops. Growing up sometimes I heard my grandparents talked in Dutch between themselves.

We were talking about her ex when Tante O suddenly said, "verrek zeg!" about something. I couldnt help but to burst laughing. It's been ages since I heard that sentence. I've never expected to hear it from her! I think she still remember enough Dutch, to understand simple sentences. So I started using Dutch here and there with her.


colson said...

"Verrek" or "Verdomme" are words that often fir ex-partners :).

I guess the emotional value of Dutch to most Indonesians was similar to German to us (me) after WWII.

I've probably told this story before. In '88 I visited Indonesia for the first time. My wife and I were at the market in Bukittingi when an old men sang the complete "Waar de blanke top der duinen.." to us. At the time I thought it was amazing, fun, yet pretty absurd :) . (Afterwards it came to my mind he may have meant it as kind of put off.)

triesti said...

:) you havent told the story. I met this band who were singing "Daar bij die molen", but parts of the lyrics were something they made up because they dont actually speak Dutch, so it was pretty funny, then they asked me to correct it. I had no idea what the lyrics should be. :D