Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby Sitting

Mom is away, and she asked my cousin and her daughter to accompany me at home. Well, more to accompany my maid actually, cause mom doesnt like the idea she is home alone all day. So far, it is more like I baby sit my niece, and sometimes that including her friends.

I was thinking about staying over at my other cousin's place tomorrow night, until I remember...
I have to baby sit since my cousin who supposed to accompany me, left out of town without notice this morning until next Monday!

Grr... there goes my night of dancing.

Man, I have only one free night this week before the circus arrive next week, and I have to baby sit. Thank you. Seriously!


colson said...

I pity you. No changing baby nappies can not compete with a night out and some dancing - I can see that.

Though of course I'm ambivalent on this issue since baby sitting ( well, baby- and toddler sitting actually) is what I (we) am ( are) doing and enjoying.

PS: Circus? What kind of circus?

colson said...

Typo: "No changing baby nappies can not compete"..." is "Changing baby nappies can not compete...

triesti said...

Well actually my niece is 15. But I cant leave two teenage girls all night alone. See how grown up I am :)

As for the circus... my client and his entourage is coming to town for a couple of days. it's gonna be circus days ahead

colson said...

Babysitting a 15 y/o? My God. What do you use? Handcuffs?

And by the way: wish you an awesome and successful circus!