Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not Again..

The doc told me to bed rest for several days. As if I can do that. Well, I am on my bed, working & blogging. Does that count? I hope it does.

I've been taking my antibiotics, anti nausea, paracetamol, vitamin, and even worms. Yupe, I'm willing to eat dried worms to fight these aliens invasion of my body.

After seeing the doctor, I asked the Satpam to help me getting a taxi. He asked,"For the patient?" to which I replied, "I am the patient." I cant blame him, I went by myself to the doc. I've noticed Indonesian tend to bring the whole bunch of people to see a doc. Plus, they look like a mess. I always made a point of putting on some make-up each time I go to hospital and when I have to go somewhere eventho I was sick/in pain (even more than going to the office). Because if I didnt, I would feel even worse about going outside. You know, crappy inside and outside. The bad side is, people then thought I was just wanting the attention because I dont look sick. U used to say, "I thought you said you are in pain, but you look good."

Ok, it's almost midnight, better get some shut eyes...
and do the rest of the work tomorrow.. from bed. Hah!


colson said...

Taking care to maintain the decorum, even if you are feeling miserable? I can't but admire you.

I hope you slept well and you do feel better after a night's rest. Though I'm worried about what eating dried worms might have done to you.

Take care of yourself today!

triesti said...

Thanks. I felt better until there was a crisis..Was on the phone & behind the computer all morning... Oh well.

The worms made me squiggling.. just kidding.