Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a Weekend

I spent this weekend: studying, working and on the phone. With full moon, hormone, blackouts (sadly electrical, not alcoholical), bad quality of sleep, and stress combine, I was in emotional roller coaster.

Gosh I'm such a tired, nerdy, werewolf.
Cant wait for the end of this year...


colson said...

Hope you feel better today.

However as for "Can't wait for the end of this year..." , I for one like December(Sinterklaas, X-mas and New Years Eve) much better than January.

(Maybe I should say: because I'm still worth a new, splendid spring, I can't wait for May '11.)

triesti said...

Despite traffic Jams, I am. Thanks! Someone gave me a monkey stuff animal at the office :)

Between now and the new year.. it's very hectic. So, I am looking forward to a less hectic days. What happen in May '11? Jarig?

You reminds me, there must be a lot of zwarte pieten around these days... meaning, chocolade letter!

colson said...

@ May, the month of longer days, more light, higher temperatures, bursting new life, green leaves, birds nestling, girls and women in sexy clothes, falling in love again ... In short: Life!

(As for my verjaardag´ I´ve been born in the premature April spring-month when it usually is still wet, chilly and dull.'