Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lost in Technology

I know for a fact that tonight a friend sent me a picture via email. Three times. I got none.
I keep missing sms sent to me for unknown reason in both my cellphones. I use two cellphones because of the missing sms.

Sometimes I held both of cellphones while waiting for an important call and none of them rang. And I was told that I didnt pick up my phone.
Sometimes I see my friend online on skype, I send them message and they dont get it. Or, they answered angrily my question because I didnt their answer the first time around and I kept asking the same stupid question.

The other day my boss was angry because it looked like I didnt prepare our presentation. I did. However each time I re-open the file it looked as if I did nothing to it. He calmed down after it happened to him twice.
The other day there was a complain about our website. We corrected it two months ago, but somehow the same mistake came up again.

Technology lost me.


colson said...

Miracles. Beautiful miracles. Disastrous miracles. Technology can work miracles. All kinds of miracles.

But quintessentially technology, like shit, happens.

Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

Everyday more people are getting very dependent on technology, especially mobile phones, computers and the internet.

In case of mobile phones and the internet, their service providers would want to get as much profit as possible without spending more money to expand their capacity.
As a result, their system hang!

triesti said...

Colson & Harry, yupe.. I just hate it when people thought I didnt reply their msg/text/phone.. while I never got them in the 1st place.

rahman said...

yah, gitu deh... teknologi kadang-kadang membingungkan...

triesti said...

Rahman.. you are right.