Saturday, January 29, 2011

H2O2 + CHNaO3

I have a weird sense of smell. Most of the time it's not sensitive enough, so I miss out smelling subtle things. It makes me wary about using gas cooker. That being said, sometimes I smell things others do not smell. Dont know why, I just do.

Like every now and then I smell this familiar smell that I associate it with a certain someone in my life and it happens in places that had nothing to do with that person. Like in the middle of this chinese shop in NL. I used to try sniffing around to find the source of that smell, I dont do that any more because I never found it. So, when it happens I just observe it until it's gone.

Today, I just realized that it smells a wee bit like H2O2 + CHNaO3.


Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,

Sorry I am not familiar with chemical codes. Therefore I can
only guess that it is either Sweat, or Perfume or ....... ????
Have a wonderful weekend.

triesti said...

... cleaning/whitening solution made out of hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking powder :)

colson said...

Just like Harry chemistry to me is mainly mystery. Before I read the solution here, I had googled "salt" and "peroxide"..

Anyhow. It's generally assumed smell and taste are highly interdependent. So I wonder does your generally 'not so sensitive' smell coincides with a taste which is also less than average?

triesti said...

My taste is not as sensitive as my aunt who can distinguished all the herbs in a dish, but most of the time I taste rather well.