Thursday, May 05, 2011

Internet Access of Parliamentarian

A couple of days ago I found out that during their visit to Australia to study about how Australian government handles the poor, our esteemed parliamentarians of Commission VIII (portfolio: social, women empowerment and religious relationship) met with Indonesian community over there. There was a Q&A session where people asked what was the official email address of commission VIII. After a commotion, a lady yelled 'Commission VIII at Yahoo dot com'.

Armed with smartphones, the address and variation of it was checked immediately and they found nothing.

Later on I found out that the costs of internet access at the Parliament is more than Rp. 300Billion annually. Now, I think that amount is outrageously high for internet access for a connection that from I could gather from my friends who work(ed) over there was pretty slow. And to hear that the commissions have no official email address, let alone the individual esteemed MPs is just mind boggling.

It made you wonder what kind of internet access do they get for that amount of money? Surely an official email address for all the commissions should be part of the deal. According to an article at kompas the general secretary of the parliament, Nining Indrasaleh, said that each member has a account eventho all the MPs including Marzuki Alie who were interviewed for the article use free email accounts from gmail or yahoo.

It's just one of the expenses by the MPs that we, the people, could not understand the legitimacy of it in the midst of problems such as malnutrition, crumbling schools, lack of libraries and he list goes on and on.

I wish we could de-seat MPs from their office. sigh..


Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,

If they want to study how other countries handled the poor, they must go to countries that are as poor as Indonesia like India, Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, etc.

Maybe Rp 300 Billion is for annual costs of IT program that includes computer hardware, original software, internet for office staffs of every 560 members.

triesti said...

@harry, yupe.. or probably malaysia.. not that rich, closer and has similarity with us.

from what I heard it was only for the internet connection, not the whole IT department. Let's say for each MP we give internet connection with the speed of 1 MB, if we use speedy it'll cost about Rp. 750,000 but to make it easy let's say it's rp 1 million. times 560, times 12 the total would be: rp 6,720,000,000. I think for normal use of 3 people 1MB is alright, unless of course you stream porn, the you need faster connection.

Let say they need to buy a server, an IBM one, for rp 1 billion you have a decent one which is enough to handle for 560 MP but for argument sake, let's say 1 server handles 1000 connection, we need at least 3 servers, so that's about rp 3 billion which you dont need to buy annually, plus this and that, plus electricity & generator& salary for some technician.. another 10billion, it's still less than 300 billion annually for crying out loud.

colson said...

Some of the stories about (some) Indonesian MPs remind me of those about some members of the European parliament. Most of the time they are invisible, insignificant, inefficient and yet they shower themselves with privileges they create themselves.

You can de-seat him/her/them by voting him/her/them out of office. Or maybe by attacking him/her/them via social media.

triesti said...

@colson, I remember reading about EU MP from greece who received business class ticket only to change it to economy class on no frill airlines and pocketed the difference... Indonesian MPs mark up everything, ask for kick back, have company related to what ever their commission is in order to get 'return on investment' within 5 years. To be fair.. a lot of people even those who are not their constituents ask them money all the time for this and that.