Sunday, May 29, 2011

Care Too Much

He sent me his profile to convince me about this company who did the profiling. I was rather surprised because he didnt have to do that after all I sort of work with him. For all its worth, it profiled him as I know him plus a bit more. Normally he's cool with a bit of temperament every now and then.

What surprised me was his reaction on my client's attic. He was genuinely annoyed that I was treated that way. He told anyone at the table the other day how he sort of surprised I didnt tell my client off and commended me for handling it.

At least I have an ally in him.


Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
Glad to know that you have a ally.

colson said...

Friends are welcome in any situation. But especially in sensitive matters it is crucial sometimes to know someone will back you up.

PS: I obviously misunderstood the real meaning of the previous post on this matter. Therefore I apologize.

triesti said...

thanks guys.
@colson np.. obviously he knew more than you do/did :)