Saturday, May 21, 2011

On Harryvanyogya

me:You need to follow this guy:
him:who's that?
me:a becak driver
me:isnt it great? he was in this movie and wrote a book.
me: yupe, his Dutch is not bad, his English is better than the average Indonesian. he studied math for 4 semester at the uni
him: hahaha his description is in Dutch. He's great!
me:told ya. He conducts tours with becaks and gets his customers via twitter. You can do reservation via twitter.
him: hahaha
me: I knew you like it. check out his followers, around 800s
him:what 800s? his followers is 2985
me:what? it was only 800s around 9pm.

I have a mission of getting his book and watch the indie movie he was in. He is more articulate that some of our politicians, and more internet savvy.

mas Harry, you got yourself a fan.


Antyo Rentjoko said...

Wah! Hebat! Saya mau pesan buku itu, lengkap dengan tanda tangan penulisnya!

colson said...

Harry uit Yokya is blijkbaar een 2.0 generatie-held in een wel erg speciale niche van de toeristenbranche..

Vraag: hij heeft veel volgers, maar heeft hij ook veel klanten?

triesti said...

@mase coba hubungi: 08816673828 harganya 37ribu plus ongkos kirim

@colson ja hoor, hij creeert ook werk voor andere becak chauffeurs. geweldig toch? Dus als je ooit in Yogya bent, kan je misschien zijn service gebruiken.

Harry Nizam said...

He is really a great "becak driver".