Sunday, May 15, 2011

Israel Day in Indonesia? Fat Chance

Indonesia has no diplomatic tie with Israel. That doesnt stop Indonesian going to Israel, tho. The holy land tourism is a big business in Indonesia, that include Christian and some Moslem going to Israel/Palestine area.

Last week, prior to Israel Independence day, Mr Unggun Dahana asked for permission to celebrate the day in Jakarta, citing the aim is to acknowledge the Israel sovereignty. It is rather interesting considering even in the USA, the second biggest Jewish community in the world and the biggest outside Israel, they dont celebrate it. Plus, as a staunch Palestine supporter, most of Indonesian Moslem would get upset by the sight of anything to do with Israel.

It is understandable that Indonesian government banned such celebration.

One thing though, Indonesia needs to have diplomatic tie with Israel. I think it's easier to help Palestine if we have contact with Israel, just like Egypt has a tie with Israel. With the tourism and volunteering in Palestine, should there be any problem with Indonesian in the area, it would be easier to help them if we have an embassy on the ground.

There is also a side note on it, rumour has is that wealthy (corrupt) Indonesian is now putting their money in Israel instead of in Swiss because Indonesian government wont have any power to trace the money in Israel. If it was true, the more reason for us to have that diplomatic tie. Then again, if it was true those guys wouldve paid for the fanatics to make a fuss about not having a diplomatic tie.


colson said...

Shouldn't - unless public safety and security would be jeopardized - demonstrations/manifestations be allowed,even if an assumed majority of the population wouldn't like it?

(By the way: I didn't check, yet I am pretty sure parts of the huge Jewish society in New York and the US at large, did celebrate Israel's Independence)

Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
Usually a country's independence is celebrated by its own citizens. Never heard foreigners who has no connection with that country want to celebrate it in foreign lands.
It would be different if Mr Dahana is a Jew celebrate Jewish special event.