Saturday, May 14, 2011

Monday is a Free day?

Next Tuesday being Waisak is a holiday in Indonesia. Waisak is the day Buddha was born, was enlightened and died. That makes Monday a 'sandwich' between two days off, known as HARPITNAS, hari kejepit nasional, national ditch day.

Imagine my surprised when I got home on Friday around 9pm, I saw the ticker running: BEJ closes on Monday due to join statement by 3 ministers. BEJ being Jakarta stock exchange. I texted one of my bosses, and was told that he's going to consult his partner on that. So, I still dont know if our office is open or not on Monday.

Apparently on Friday 3 ministers issued a join statement that Monday is a collective vacation. Seriously. Why didnt they issue it at least a week earlier. Now I have a problem, since Monday we supposed to send out important letters to 2 ministries, we have to wait until Wednesday. Grr...

Had I known about the vacation on Monday, I wouldve sent it on Friday before lunch. Instead I was working on a proposal that had to be received by our client via email before Monday and after lunch drafting that letters for the ministries. I shouldve done it the other way.

I dont get why the government do this? Normally they issued join statement about collective vacation (cuti bersama) of the year before January. For 2011 there was no collective vacation in May, now there is. Even if I want to go out of town, it's a bit too late or the price is too steep. Why couldnt the government do it timely?

update: Bank Indonesia is closed on Monday, but the RTGS and clearing are still operational, meaning BEJ is now open on Monday.


Frau Bloggerin said...

Yes, it's a pity that the announcement came a bit late...all the same, if it's indeed holiday, justrelax at home...


Frau Bloggerin

colson said...

Reading posts like yours I'm still learning each day:).

First of all I wonder how many offical ( religious based) free days Indonesians have (Five offical religions will add up quite considerably :)).

And governmental proclamations of collective, madatory, holidays at such short notice though absolutely irresponsible for sure, are that crazy it actually is funny. Bad governance no doubt, yet great satire.

By the way: I of course feel sorry for and sympathise with you and your colleagues.

triesti said...

@frau bloggerin, the thing is, I'm not supposed to work on Monday anyway.. but the letter still need to be send in person. Now I have to wait till Wednesday

@colson it's one of those 'only in Indonesia' moment for me.oh well..

Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
I heard the news yesterday evening when I was driving home.
The Waisak holiday has been decided before 2011. If the ministers want to make 'Harpitnas' as a holiday they should have decided before 2011 like they did in the past.

triesti said...

@harry, that's what I'm saying, waisak is always a free day, if they want to make harpitnas a holiday too, they shouldve decided last year, not the Friday before. Even Ministry of Education didnt have the time to make any announcement on that to their people. BTW, I called ministry of PAN on Thursday and there was no mention about this.