Friday, May 20, 2011

Wilders' Revenge On Indonesia

It is an old interview from Sept 2010. Too bad I cant find the English subtitle for it. Basically Wilders said that anyone from Indonesia is forbidden to immigrate to NL unless as an asylum seeker because Indonesia is a "Moslem country" based on his definition that Moslem country is any country with a Moslem majority of its inhabitants. However, a Moslem from USA is allowed to immigrate to NL. What gives?

If he was afraid of moslem terrorist, so far Indonesian terrorists only operate within Indonesia. The 9/11 hijackers were mostly Saudis living in the USA. UK moslem terrorists operate not only in the UK. It is more logical to ban Moslem British passport holders than the Indonesian ones.

If he was afraid of integration problem in NL, for the best of my knowledge Indonesian (descendants) who count as the biggest foreigner group in NL integrated well into the society unlike Moroccan, Turkish, or even Polish people.

Back in April, at the anniversary of RMS, Wilders twitted supporting RMS to freed themselves from Islamic Indonesia.

All of these, is it because the government refused to let him enter Indonesia, the land of his ancestor?


Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
So that's the reason why Wilders is so mad about Indonesian Moslems.

triesti said...

That's what I'm trying to figure out..

colson said...

Wilders carries the same passport as I have. That's a shame, but in my defence I can say he is from Limburg - which is a special case :).

Now, in my opinion, the real problem with Wilders on a intellectual level is that he is "fact free politics in the flesh". No sensible discussion is possible. He states something ( usually nonsense, utter-nonsense or something offending) and there it stops. It's worrying though so many people buy this destructive rhetoric because of some nostalgic ideas about identity ('I don't want a mullah in my backyard') or by sheer fear of loss of socio-economic status ("they gonna take our jobs away").

However as far as I know, whatever Wilders said, the general perception of Indonesia and Indonesian Islam in the media, as well as among the overwhelming majority of the population over here, still is what it was: Indonesian Islam is very moderate.

Okay, before I forget; Wilders is mad about Muslims because it attracts many voters (ten years ago, being a member of an other political party, the conservative-liberal VVD, he said integration of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants went smoothly. No problem with Muslims whatsoever. He is not angry, he is mean.)

triesti said...

He is an opportunist. Whatever he said about freedom of speech when the Danish cartoonist made that Mohammad cartoon means nothing when he was angry about a cartoon depicting Wilders as a Nazi. The only reason he supported the guy was because it was anti Islam, NOT because of Freedom of speech.

Honestly I see similarity between his campaign against Islam to Nazi against Jew, and I am not alone in seeing that way, more and more Dutch authors said the same thing and sadly they were silenced such as what happened to Karel Kanits,Thomas von der Dunk, Rob Riemen and the like.

It pains & scares me to see that a lot of Dutch people (and by the look of it, even university and government?) tolerate and support such racist to the point helping him into office.

PS: There was even Dutch flag associated with the Dutch nazi party in PVV's parliamentary office. WTF!?

colson said...

@ triesti: Yes, he is an opportunist. Which is the lesser of his sins.

Till he has been convicted we/I of course wholeheartedly will oppose him and tolerate him. He can speak his mind. He can say, like anyone, he loathes a specific religion he usually calls an ideology. I my turn can say I loathe his opinions. But I don't see any reason why my opinions should be protected - nor his by the way.

Now is he a racist? Well I doubt it. Never heard him advocate discriminatory measures against Africans, Asian, Inuit, Maori, whatever.

Is he a fascist? Who knows.

I agree with Thomas von der Dunk and Rob Riemen; Wilders' "movement" has too many striking similarities with the NSB in it's first years (one should keep in mind that the NSB was not yet racist in those years).

Of course von der Dunk and Riemen have not been silenced. Nor others - for instance even this week my weekly ( De Groene)has a long critical article on Wilders. Yet
Von der Dunk c.a did actually get some flak because they compared the PVV with Nazism. Which a number of people consider to pollute the discussion because of the associations with violence, vigilantes and holocaust( which in no way applies to present day PVV).

colson said...

@ triesti: One more.

His populist attitude implies he advocates issues he assumes are popular amongst a large number of voters. And an immigration-stop from low-income countries is such an issue.

In this interview he manages by some acrobatic logic to combines an anti-Islam stand with a plea against immigration from low - income countries (which very much annoyed his coalition partners - CDA and VVD- in government who want to further the influx of well-educated professionals from India - or Indonesia for that matter).

So, he is not just an opportunist, but a giant hypocrite as well.