Sunday, May 29, 2011

Losing Weight?

I dont get this. I weighted myself both home and at the hospital this week and it was about the same weight all this year. But two of my cousins said I'm losing my weight and told me to eat/rest more. While another cousin thought I was putting on weight last month.

Earlier this month I went to my dressmaker as I needed to make a frock, ok I needed two, she said most of my measurements are the same as two years ago, some are slightly bigger.

So, how come I look like I'm losing weight?


colson said...

Did I ever trust my cousins' assessments? Never. My guess is some cousins need to reset their perception :).

Don't worry. It's almost certain your appearance is as perfect as ever. Even 'slightly' more perfect perhaps :).

(PS: Have you recovered from fever? Are you feeling well by now?)

Multibrand said...

If I were you I would the majority i.e. no change in weight.

triesti said...

@colson.. I'm much better.. thanks
@Harry hear hear..