Sunday, May 01, 2011

On Dreams

I start to dream again. I havent been dreaming for a while. I used to have lucid dreams every now and then. When I was a kid I had several precognitive dreams. Like I dreamed about this class room that I didnt recognize when I was in high school, several years later I went to this classroom at the university that look exactly as that dream. Déjà vu. I dont have it anymore, but when I can recall my dream I pay more attention.

There were several recurring dream themes which I dont know why I have them or what's the meaning behind it. Back in lowland I used to dream walking hand in hand in silence with my late grandpa on several occasions. I've never had that kind of dream anymore. Since I am back here, I've dreamed on several occasions about a certain friend of mine who always wanting to go down the stairs or the lift and I always trying to make him go up stairs instead. Somehow in the dream I felt like going downstairs wont end up good for him, and I couldnt let him do that. Speaking about staircase, years ago I had this dream where Bill Clinton asked me to help him getting up the stairs and he was using a walking stick. Now, I didnt think/read/heard anything about him at least in that week prior to the dream. The next day I found out that on the day I had that dream he had a heart surgery.

I dream about snakes too. Some culture interprets dream about snake as a sensual one or it means you are meeting your soulmate, but I agree with my grandma that it's a warning of something sinister, at least in my case there were. So each time I had a dream about snake I am more vigilant in my real life.

The weirdest dream happened I think two years ago when mom told me the night before she had this dream that there was a party and my late dad was there. She had no idea what kind of party was it but there were a lot of people. I said to mom that it was a birthday party because at the same night I dream about seeing dad at a big birthday party. No idea whose birthday tho, I just remember the cake and candles. Weird huh?

Do you remember your dreams too?


Harry Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
Very interesting.
I never pay attention to my dreams because I always thought that they were just dreams.
Perhaps I should try what you did.

colson said...

Your post triggers some introspection :). I start with a handicap though - I'm a non believer, even if it comes to dreams :).

The result of my effort is disappointing. In the first place I hardly have any lucid dream in my sleep. Well, occasionally a very short sequence of images which I can think of as being related occur.

But generally speaking I guess my brains do what they should do after a day of desperately trying to make sense of daily life's absurdities: take a break at night. They leave my nightly chaos a chaos.

At best all I can remember after I wake up are the unconcious moods: I felt scared, puzzled, bored or even high (after experiencing something like floating) in my dreams.

triesti said...

@harry, colson, I started paying attention because some of them were very vivid and told my family/friends about it. Some would say this and that.. then when the same theme came up again I just notice them..

Hning said...

Tradition say that when lucid dreams occur, it means that the fates have fallen; that it's only a matter of time until you find out about their meanings.

This is supposed to be good news, I try to convince myself, even when the dreams bring ill-omen. For what is better than receiving bad news with time enough to prepare?

I still wish I didn't dream. I wish things take me by surprise. It's just that I think the purpose to being the one to receive the dream means that there's an additional job for the dreamer to brace for: To be strong for those who were caught unawares.

I miss you, Tri.

triesti said...

@Hning, Yeah, I think some dreams are warning us about things to come. On Sunday I dreamed vividly about going to a cemetery and yesterday one of my cousins' husband died.

I miss you too, dear Yaya, let's meet the next time you are in Jakarta.