Sunday, January 08, 2012

Granny-sitting: DUFAN & Laskar Pelangi Musical Highlights

It had been years since I went to DUFAN until yesterday. The mission was to see Laskar Pelangi Musical Highlights. I wanted to see the musical since 2010, but had never had the chance. When I found out they were staging it at DUFAN during the school holiday, I just have to drag myself all the way to DUFAN come rain come sunshine.

In the morning the cloud hung so dark, mom said that I'd better cancelled my plan if it were raining. By 9 o'clock, it was mom who called and asked why I was still home! I said my little prayer: please dont let it rain before 6PM. 

By 11AM, I met up with W at a Busway station and went all the way to the North. My mom and auntie I were already at Ancol waiting for us. From the busway stop, it's only 10 minutes walk to the gate of DUFAN. Very convenient. 

First we bought tickets for W & me, then we went to the booth next to Starbuck to get free entrance for mom & auntie I. Apparently those who has 'lifetime ID card', which means they are older than 60, gets free entrance. I think it's the first time I saw such policy in Indonesia. 

We were all quite surprised that DUFAN is now pretty lush. The fact that it was cloudy also helped. First, my auntie wanted to go on the carousel. Since we dubbed this trip as granny-sitting trip, we all went on the carousel. 

Next stop was the ferris wheel for mom and auntie I, while my buddy and I dashed to the roller coaster. It was my first time back in a roller coaster after my surgery ages ago. There were moments where I had to hold certain position so the impact wouldnt hurting my face & sent my glasses flying, and as the result, I pulled my right shoulder a little. But, it was fun! I would've done it again with out the sprain. 

After meeting up with my mom and auntie I, we went to see a 3D Journey to the  Center of the Earth, a simulator theater based on a book/film with the same name. Basically we sat there on this special seat with a seatbelt, and the seat moves in-sync with the movie on the screen. The ride is similar to riding a bajaj. Seriously.

At 2PM, we sat in the Rama Shinta Hall, waiting for Laskar Pelangi to start. I love their stage setting, especially the silhouette parts. The backdrop animation gives a sense of movement and atmosphere. The songs, lyrics and vocals are great. Those kids have abundant energy, they sang their hearts out. It's amazing. Since it's a highlights show, they have to re-blocking and re-choreograph the show to fit the format. The 55 strong cast did it superbly. Even though it's only a 60 minutes highlight show, they managed to fit in all the important plots of the book that you dont feel like there's something missing. I have to say that the way they depicted Ikal falls in and out of love is superb. Too cute. Of course, the emotion runs not as high as a full production where they have plenty time to build up the climax. That being said, it doesnt mean that it falls flat emotionally. It's enough to make some people took out their hanky and laughed out loud with the scenes. 

Before leaving W & I went to play this laser shooting games, which W won and made our hands sore from pulling the trigger.

I guess there is someone out there granting my wishes, I had to see Laskar Pelangi and it didnt rain until after 6PM. Life's good.


colson said...

Reading this post I wondered is DUFAN comparable to Ancol? It seems it also has a broad variety of entertainment on offer.

Anyhow it definitely provided all four of you a more exciting weekend in comparison to mine.

Looking at the video I guess the show was charming and fun indeed. I have to take your word for it though it did honour to the book.

Last but not least: hereby I declare that to me you are a heroine. Rollercoaster, pfffffft.

triesti said...

@colson DUFAN is part of Ancol. Ancol has a broad variety of (amusement) parks. The ride is nothing compare to Walibi Flevoland