Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scared of Hijabers

I'm scared of hijabers, women who wear hijab, in a group. Especially when they are at TransJakarta bus stop/terminal.

I almost fell into the gap between the terminal and the TransJakarta bus yesterday because some hijabers pushed me around to get to their bus. They were like wildebeest in migration. They didnt care about others, as long as they got what they wanted. It wasnt like there were no more bus, they were just mad.

That wasnt the first time I had trouble with them. I once fell on my bottom in the bus because someone pushed me to get to a seat. Then there was time someone dragged my bag to the left, when I wanted to go to the right. Why? Because she wanted to get to the left, and I happened to be in front of her. The other day, one of the fat ones sat on my lap to get to my seat. The other tried to push me off from my seat using her big bottom.

I dont know why they act like that. They just do. It makes me worried when standing in line and there are a group of hijabers behind me.

It gives me an idea why Mina tragedy happened, where pilgrims got trampled by fellow pilgrims. They just care of number one, and not any one else.


H. Nizam said...

I am very sad to know about what happened to you.
But I wonder whether only 'hijaber' are like that.

colson said...

Put people in some kind of uniform, tell them they belong to a special and in many ways superior category and they are prone to behave badly in public places towards 'outsiders'.

Well, it leaves the outsiders no option but to persevere :).

triesti said...

@harry sadly those hijabers involved in 8 out of 10 when it happened to me.
@colson I think their economic and social background also play role in their behavior. Plus the fact that they were out there in a greater number. I was told off yesterday by one of my elderly friend (who wears hijab), why I didnt follow her to the the side for elderly people to avoid the pushing etc when my seat was 'hijack' by this gal (who wasnt wear hijab).