Friday, January 13, 2012

Hom Pim Pah

Zaini Alif studies children traditional games from Indonesia and the world. From Zondag-Maandag to Dakon. I'm glad that I did most of the games he presented here due to the fact I grew up in a small town, with a house located near to rice field.

I supposed children these days learn differently from their technological games, but I do feel they miss out a lot by only playing with gadget. I learned how to entertain myself using things we found on our backyard. I remember insisted on creating a toy from the outer skin of our Jeruk Bali, our kind of big grapefruit and also from banana tree trunk. Of course the maid wasnt very happy as my clothes were covered with sap.

It seems like visiting his community is a way to introduce our kids to the traditional games.

PS: do turn on the Close caption for English subtitle


colson said...

Charming and fascinating stuff. This guy Zaini Alif really is a genius performer!!! Not so sure al of his explanations are true, but al of them are plausible or at least possible. And he probably is about Indonesia being world champion in this field.

My chauvinism was tickled in a pleasant way also when - towards the end of his presentation- he mentioned Johan Huizinga ( "Homo Ludens" published in the year of my birth :)).

colson said...

And by the way, usually I write "all" when I want to write "all". But once again my texts are littered with typos. So read "all"where I wrote "al". I'm sorry.

triesti said...

@colson yeah I also get that feeling about his explanation. His presentation made me realized how fortunate I am to grow up in a small town with not much entertainment (even though it meant I never got a chance to learn ballet).