Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Terrorism

In the last month I've been in for a shock of a chance meeting a fundamentalist taxi driver and watching Die Welle movie on two separate occasions.

The taxi driver was graduated from the famous Gontor Islamic school. I'm not saying all Gontor alumnus are fundamentalists, it's just this one is. In fact, he said he wasnt very happy for the fact that at Gontor he missed learning certain things, which after some prodding he mentioned his admiration for someone such as Ba'ashir, who he deemed brave enough to teach the 'right kind' of Islam.

He talked how those suicide bombers were following the right teaching and really understood about the teaching and they will be granted a piece of heaven. He talked how Karzai's blood is halal for people like him due to Karzai's dealing with the USA. He asked if I thought of him as a mean person because he believed that Mother Theresa wont be granted heaven but hell by Allah. I told him that's his opinion but I believe God (I intentionally not using the word 'Allah' in front of him) is better than that, to which he retorted that I have to read Quran before citing some verses in Arabic and its translation. He talked about his wife wearing a face covering while I was wearing a deep V-neck at that time. He didnt say what I was wearing was wrong, though. It was my first ever confrontation with a suicide bomber supporter. It was scary yet intriguing.

I told this expert on terrorism that I met the other day about that taxi driver and how worried I was after seeing Die Welle, thinking if someone charismatic could change people in 4 or 5 days such as  in the real 'The Third Wave' experiment, how powerful it is people such as Ba'ashir who teaches in an Islamic school for years, especially a lot of the students are not very critical and typically are following blindly. The guy agreed that Ba'ashir has the capacity to change people and it is why he's tried to 'work' with Ba'ashir in stead of fighting him frontally, hoping that Ba'ashir would finally say "let's stop all the violence" just like what happened in Northern Ireland and its IRA.

All these time, I think who ever put the idea in the mind of suicide bombers that they act is in accordance to God's will is a great brainwasher. I have to agree with the expert that only such person could end acts of terrorism. However, I'm not sure if someone like Ba'ashir will do that any time soon as Densus captured him in such way.

I just hope that we have less and less terrorism problems in this world.


quranteaching1989 said...

THE Qur'an is the highest written authority in Islam. The Qur'an is to Islam as the Bible is to Christianity.

No matter what justification for it may exist, terrorism always exceeds the limits set by Allah, because terrorism deliberately intends to kill innocent people.
[2.190] And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you, and
do not exceed the limits, surely Allah does not love those who exceed the
Learn Quran

colson said...

Troublesome indeed. Not some crazy taxidriver, nor some crazy fanatic preaching hatred, but the existence institutionalized education centres of hatred in a country going through stages of socio-economic insecurities and instability.

Adolf Hitler didn't kill one Jew, Roma or Homosexual personally. In the name of the great ideal of the Third Reich he convinced a people of very willing helpers to do that in the name of an ideal which should result in a race of new, better human beings. He almost succeeded because of his demonic charisma but mainly, because of the socio-economic conditions.

I'm afraid all ideologies ( and religions apart from spiritual phenomenon are also ideologies) promising a "new"", pure, kind of human beings -be it by their free will or by compulsion and coercion- have the potebntial to be hijacked by such a charismatic pied pipers.

triesti said...

@quranteaching1989 It's your job to teach the public so that they wont fall in to the fundamentalistic propaganda.
@colson that's the thing.. just one twisted charismatic individual and the whole generation down the drain. Too bad, most of our school dont let kids learn how to think and be critical. As soon as they are in awe in somebody, we have blind followers.