Monday, January 02, 2012

Curious Incidents At Gunung Geulis

In the middle of a discourse on Misery the light went out. We all had taken the vow of noble silence. In pitch darkness:
Alia: misery
muffled laughters
*after sounds of someone bumped to somebody/something*: sorry!
more muffled laughters
Me: Where exactly in NL do you live?
Thomas: I live in the East of NL, near the German border.
Me (after looking at him for a minute): Twente.
Thomas (surprised): Woah.. how do you know that?
Me: I just sat for 10 days, ok.
Dominique:  I feel like I've known you before.
Fab (speaking about Alia & I): I'm sure I'll remember the both of you after today, for a long time.


colson said...

There was a surprisingly much conversation. So It wasn't all about silence after all, was it?:)

Anyhow, like Fab I'm sure I'll remember both of you for a long time.

triesti said...

@colson, the rest of conversation happened when we were allowed to speak.