Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Becoming Ms. Dolittle?

For some reason, Gunung Geulis trying to turn me into some kind of Ms. Dolittle. I'm not into animal at the first place. We have fishes and cacatua at home not because I want it, but they were already here before I moved back.  I do, however, want to have a dog again, just like when I was little.

On the first day, as soon as I got to my room half way down the hill, I started cleaning it up. I scrubbed  the bathroom floor and the closet, swept and mopped the room floor, put on fresh linen on the bed that will be mine for the next 11 nights and cleaned the windows. Afterward, I did number one. As I flushed I saw a huge grey-beige hairy  leg coming out of the under sitter of the closet, that I just sat on! My heart stopped. If it were a skinny kind of spider I wasnt that shock, but this was a humongous hairy one. Counted my blessing that I didnt see it before or during doing my deed, then I ran up to my friend's room. Someone asked what's the commotion was. I told her about the huge hairy spider. She said I should just pick it up. Yeah right, I'd like to see her reaction if she were in my shoes, I bet she's screaming like a banshee.

The place has always been full of ants big and small, but I've never seen it as much as this time. They are everywhere. The teacher said that sometimes we have sensation of ants crawling on our skin. It's just some ants were really crawling on my skin and bit me! So, I had something to do in between meditations which was sweeping after those ants around my room & taking a shower three times a day.

At some point a beetle decided to hang around my drying rack. I let it there in peace, until he held on to my towel. I pushed him aside gently. The next time I checked my drying rack, he was gone. Or, so I thought. As I was picking up my bra, he almost bit my finger. I had a tug-o-war with him, trying to get my bra back! Since then I've never seen him again.

One day after one of those stormy rain, I found something like a leech attached to the wall facing to my bed. The next day I found a millipede.

Thus, this year there were more animals visiting me than ever. But was not as scary as a while back when there was a snake in the bathroom, nor as unpredictable as jumping frog (also) in the bathroom.

What is it with me, animal & bathroom?


Alia Makki said...

It's Puncak, not Jurassic Park, woman!! Get a grip!!
XD *big abusive hugs*

H. Nizam said...

Very interesting story about your 11 days staying in a place full of small creatures.

colson said...

Is it heartless and impolite to laugh at a lady in distress? But I did :).

You are beyond comprehension. Managing everything, afraid of nothing. And yet panicking at the sight of spiders, beetles and other creeping or jumping little inconveniences?

triesti said...

@yaya I did!
@harry thanks
@colson Glad to entertain you:) I panicked thinking that that spider was so near to my crotch.